Recently, In-Office physician dispensing has received a significant amount of attention in the Urology space, especially with the launch of the newer oral oncolytics used to treat mCRPC. The fact that these drugs are accessed via a prescription that is not typically filled at the local pharmacy has created a need for urology practices to generate a solution that helps bridge the gap between the practice and the patient as they seek a convenient solution to obtain their medications. Couple that with the fact that often times, the prior authorization process is something that urology practice staff is responsible for, and that these drugs often come with the necessity to access reimbursement assistance programs for copay assistance, and it has become clear that a more “white-glove” approach to the process was necessary.

UroGPO has been offering an In-Office Dispensing (IOD) solution to its membership since early 2014.  UroGPO actively reviewed some of the solutions on the market, but ultimately decided to introduce member practices to an experienced pharmacy software dispensing company to get the necessary software, but lean on two new full-time UroGPO employees heavily to get set up as a physician dispensary.

John Lengauer, who has over 15 years’ experience in pharmacy management and billing & operations, will walk the member through each step, from acquiring an NCPDP number to filling their first prescription. In addition, UroGPO just brought Shannon Owens onboard. Shannon has 9 years’ experience as a trainer on the dispensing software as well as several years as a Certified Pharmacy Technician.  Together, John and Shannon can walk the Urology Practice throughout the entire implementation process.

The benefit to the membership is that this program dramatically reduces the up-front investment from the practice and it also allows for the member practice to have a direct relationship with the dispensing software company and the third-party PBM payors.

The UroGPO IOD solution has a start-up cost of less than $3,000 with an on-going monthly fee of less than $400.  UroGPO will assist each member with the paperwork and implementation process at the comfort level of the practice.

Anyone interested in learning more about In-Office dispensing should contact John Lengauer at