After launching uTrack last quarter, confirmed usage has steadily increased over the past several weeks. uTrack provides UroGPO members with direct access to continuously updated product utilization and rebate data. More than 30 UroGPO members have accessed the portal in the last four weeks. The uTrack Portal provides UroGPO members access to:

  • Contract participation – Displays actively enrolled contracts and details for all available contracts
  • Contract utilization – Shows all active contract utilization, including weekly or monthly updates and historical reporting
  • Rebate details – Provides the ability to view rebate details and requirements for the next tier for selected contracts
  • Blog – Information posted to this area includes the latest NCCN Clinical Guidelines.
  • Events – This quick link provides information on upcoming meetings and national conferences.

The uTrack Portal is available at If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to

Patient identification

Last October, at the National Urology Conference in Phoenix, the data discussion revealed a strong desire on the part of members to leverage the valuable information contained in their EMRs. UroGPO understands the importance of this effort and has begun assisting in the patient identification process by sponsoring several “Patient Identification Proof of Concept” engagements over the last quarter. UroGPO has partnered with PPS Analytics (formerly Blue Chip Data Services) to develop, define, manage and deliver a patient identification solution across various EMR systems.

Discovery > Develop > Validate > Refine > Pilot (90 day)

The engagement starts with a Discovery Session to understand the care protocol requirements specific to your practice and the technical capabilities of your EMR. PPS Analytics works with you to identify and gain access to relevant EMR data for patient identification. Over the course of the proof of concept, the practice works with PPS Analytics to assemble EMR data, review initial reports, validate potential candidates and ensure the information provided is actionable within the existing practice workflow.

Define workflow and notification > Develop > Validate > Deploy

Upon completion of the proof of concept, practices can choose to move forward with a customized notification process for the entire practice. PPS Analytics guides the practice through a production deployment that includes defining how and where to receive notifications of potential candidates. While the current focus is on mCRPC candidates, these same analysis techniques can be applied to other disease states and research efforts as defined by the practice.

If you are interested in a Patient Identification Project, do not hesitate to reach out to