As a core initiative throughout 2014, UroGPO focused on continuing to grow the urology practice membership, and on delivering several valuable contracts to our membership. Most of the contracts during this time were heavily concentrated in the pharmaceutical space. Once UroGPO was able to successfully launch and execute the first several core contract offerings we shifted our focus to make a significant push to expand contract offerings into other areas of urology.

In 2015, UroGPO has been busy working with various manufacturers throughout the urology industry, and as such has successfully been able to negotiate over a dozen new purchasing contracts in other areas of urology. These areas include capital equipment, medical devices, and services that either were already widely utilized throughout the urology practices that we serve, or were new options that were developed and offered to urology practices as a result of their UroGPO Membership.

In the beginning of 2015, we launched the Medstatix (SE Healthcare) patient satisfaction survey service offering to our membership. Medstatix has proven to fulfill a valuable commitment to assist many of our member practices in providing a low-maintenance and turnkey solution to be able to effectively collect patient satisfaction within their practices. Additionally, we launched three ancillary contract offerings with Staples Office Supplies, FedEx, as well as Vantage Point Logistics, an in-bound freight management company. In many cases these new contracts allowed our members to maintain their current accounts with these companies, but simply opt into a pricing structure that resulted in thousands of dollars in savings.

At our National Membership Conference in May, we launched a new contract with CR Bard for Reusable and Disposable biopsy guns as well as biopsy needles. We have had an extremely positive response to that offering, as many practices have been able to reduce their biopsy instrument costs significantly without causing any disruption to their ordering process.

In the capital equipment space, we have launched a new contract with GE Ultrasound that encompasses preferred and aggressive pricing for the full suite of Urology Ultrasound equipment, as well as with Verathon for the full line of Bladderscanners.

Our most recent contract offering is with Avella for compounded pharmaceuticals, specifically Mitomycin and TriMix. Both of these products have proven to be somewhat of a challenge for our members, and Avella has come up with a customized offering for both products that has allowed practices to save time and money in ordering these products for their patients. There is a one page declaration form that needs to be completed, and once that is done, we can get you in touch with someone at Avella who can get the process started for your practice.

Lastly, an important area for many of our urology practices to gain some insight and assistance on was the addition of MRI Fusion Biopsy Technology to their suite of offerings. MRI Fusion technology has shown significant opportunities for practices to better market themselves in their communities by offering cutting-edge technologies that better serve patients undergoing prostate biopsies. The UroGPO team researched this area and ultimately decided to partner with the team at Philips Invivo. Invivo manufactures the UroNav MRI Fusion Biopsy technology, and effective immediately, UroGPO members are entitled to a significant price advantage as well as additional entitlements as a member in regards to service plans and training programs. Please reach out to Darren Dieleman at if you would like to discuss how your UroGPO membership can be of value as your practice seeks to launch an MRI Fusion Biopsy program in your area.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these contract offerings or below your practice may have already started the process please contact us to ensure that your practice has completed the appropriate declaration form to be eligible for these contract terms.

Stay tuned to your membership e-mail blasts, your uTrack membership portal on the UroGPO website, as well as future UroGPO Member Newsletters for more progress on clinical initiatives, purchasing contracts, ancillary developments, and educational programs that your UroGPO team is working on every day.