As many of our members know, UroGPO and Bayer Healthcare have been in ongoing discussions involving how our two organizations can work together to deliver a purchasing contract for Xofigo. Those conversation are ongoing, and we hope to be able to announce something formal in the very near future.

In the meantime, UroGPO has been working with Bayer Healthcare to begin to assist in the continuing education on Xofigo and adoption of radiotherapeutics in the private practice urology setting. In the past few weeks, that conversation has expanded to include assisting with the Hot Lab infrastructure and setup and the Radioactive Material License application process, as well the identification of credentialed Radium 223 authorized users. As a first step to that end, we have successfully secured a purchasing agreement for the Hot Lab setup for the dose calibrator and associated hardware with a new industry partner, Capintec, to assist our members with a turnkey solution to integrate Xofigo into the practice quickly and in a cost-effective manner. On the authorized user front, we are in the beginning stages of building out a network of certified radiation oncologists and nuclear medicine physicians that can assist in the administration of Xofigo.

Stay tuned for more news as a followup to our next National Urology Conference on the Bayer Healthcare and UroGPO partnership. We are looking forward to a long and productive relationship with our newest industry partner.