The UroGPO Team has grown again.

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the UroGPO team. In September, Palmer DePetro joined our team as a national account manager. DePetro will work with the UroGPO member practices to launch a series of projects called “Membership Optimization Strategy.” What does that mean to a UroGPO Member practice?

  • Better utilization reporting for partner meetings
  • More precise financials and purchasing pattern reports
  • Better access to new and existing UroGPO contracts
  • An even more robust uTrack online portal experience for administrators and urologists
  • More consistent onboarding process for new practices and new employees of our legacy member practices

Members can expect a direct line of communication with DePetro to ensure that each member is taking full advantage of its UroGPO membership by safeguarding that it has activated and kept up to date with the UroGPO contracts that provide the most value to their practices. As the UroGPO suite of contract offerings continues to grow, and as these contracts inevitably change with time, DePetro will be largely responsible for the direct communication to the administration and purchasing teams at the urology practice on these updates and changes.

Another initiative that he will oversee is the development of a precise and robust reporting system, to be shared with each member individually, that will encapsulate the utility of various products available through UroGPO contracts. Examples will be quarterly reports on the buying and utility patterns for products such as immunotherapy (Provenge), in-office dispensary items (Xtandi and Zytiga), LHRH agents, Radium 223 (Xofigo) and capital equipment. DePetro will also take a lead role in the communication of changes and new opportunities within the distribution network that UroGPO has developed.

All of these things will result in a more comprehensive and consistent GPO offering for all of our urology members.