As we embark on a new year, it is evident that 2015 was an impactful year for UroGPO and our membership. From a comprehensive strategy standpoint, we oversaw more than 50 practices committed to dispensing oral medications. During the last two quarters of the year, we witnessed the best performance of Provenge in the history of UroGPO, along with the signing of the Xofigo contract in October. When you combine our strong Provenge utilization, the increased dispensing of both Xtandi and Zytiga and the focus on the successful implementation of Xofigo, it all points to a commitment of the urology specialty toward an adherence to consistent patient care under a streamlined APC pathway.

As we head in to 2016, it is clear that the UroGPO leadership and membership must not lose focus. As a result, we have some unique and innovative programs and offerings under way across the UroGPO footprint.

First and foremost, we have embarked on a road show to hold 20 Advanced Prostate Cancer Champion Programs. The “Champs Programs” have already paid dividends in the groups who participated in 2015 and January 2016. Initial results include the following: 1) We are seeing urologists and administrators in practices communicating at a much deeper level. 2) There is a heightened awareness around internal patient referrals within the practice and the proper navigation of patients. This innovative program and approach to patient care has become a win for both the patient and the practice.

The UroGPO team is resolved to work hard and develop this shift on a deeper level across the care continuum. Thank you to all of the practices that have committed to the Champs Programs, as well as to the UroGPO staff and Dana Jacoby, DJI Consulting, for the effort and time required to deliver these programs across the specialty.

Second, we are happy to announce great progress in the LHRH product category. We signed a Firmagon contract at the end of 2015 and will be launching an Eligard contract in the first quarter of 2016. With the addition of Firmagon and Eligard, our contracting focus is nearly complete, which will give UroGPO a complete drug portfolio in advanced prostate cancer.

We are continuing to work on other areas of contract performance and optimization, such as medical supplies, devices and equipment. Our intent is to maximize contracts in these areas through a supply chain management initiative throughout 2016.

Third, we are continuing to implement the successful overactive bladder strategy that we started in August 2015. With the help of key opinion leaders, industry partners and innovative ideation, we have created unique and useful tools for navigating and treating the OAB patient effectively and efficiently within our member groups.

In conclusion, UroGPO is committed to continuing a passionate focus on the health of our member practices and industry partners. Our hope is that each of you sees our efforts as more than just a “Group Purchasing Organization” and see us more as a “Group Solutions Organization Partner” moving forward.

Please keep the feedback coming. Thank you.