Customized Advanced Prostate Cancer (APC) Champion Program

Who: Physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs, administrators and support staff who are or will become “Champions” of an Advanced Prostate Cancer Center at UroGPO Member Urology Practices

What: UroGPO has observed an interest within the membership in conducting tailored programs specifically designed for MD and Clinical Champions within new or existing urology practice APC programs.

These programs consist of an interactive agenda and a day full of lively discussions. The morning session hosts a series of brief clinical presentations by established Urologist Key Opinion Leaders within the mCRPC space. The afternoon includes an operationally focused closed-door session among UroGPO and clinicians and administrators from the member practice.

Topics: Patient ID and navigation, intra-practice referral patterns and triage, ADT administration, bone health initiation, immunotherapy process, in-office dispensing of oral therapies and the administration of radiopharmaceutical agents

When: Any time in 2016 and at the discretion of UroGPO staff and the member practice.

The objectives of these programs include the following:

  • Creation of action items, follow-up initiatives, delegation and ownership of tasks for a long-term strategy to create a successful APC Champion Clinic initiative
  • ID of protocol triage points, plans for streamlined CRPC care and a focused patient navigation strategy
  • Quantify and execute on internal referral opportunities.
  • Develop patient identification strategies including, but not limited to:
    • Best practices from other urology group APC programs
    • Accountability of all parties within the practice
    • Buy-in creation at all levels of the organization

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