Managing patient services within your urology practice can be an evolving challenge. Over the past three years, UroGPO has helped to improve patient care through the development of ancillary services, educational tools, clinical guidelines and the implementation of a state-of-the-art In-Office Dispensing (IOD) Solution. The UroGPO IOD program has a few key elements that set it apart from anything offered in the industry. The deployment of dedicated UroGPO staff to help implement and train your practice, from setup and implementation to your first dispense and beyond, has yielded an efficient setup process for our members.  In addition, timely communication of industry changes – such as product price adjustments, rebate changes and industry trends – has allowed practices to react quickly and efficiently.

Over the past few months, UroGPO has kept members abreast of the current status of the challenges with payors and patient assistance foundations. The UroGPO team continues to be on the front line of these battles in order to protect our providers’ ability to provide exceptional care and timely delivery of crucial therapies to their Advanced Prostate Cancer patients. In recent weeks, we have also conducted dozens of webinars, state-by-state calls and calls with individual practices to form working groups that will provide a specific solution for each practice to work through and overcome any barriers or challenges to in-office dispensing.

UroGPO continues to align with key partners in other specialties to protect the superior care you provide to your patients.  As successful solutions are developed, we will continue to stay ahead of the curve and keep the communication uro-centric, accurate and applicable.