New trial data added to XTANDI Prescribing Information

In support of our UroGPO member practices and the UroGPO / Astellas XTANDI contract, over the next few months, we are conducting XTANDI In Practice Educational Programs for dozens of member practices across the country. These programs are designed to increase the level of education on the XTANDI therapy, appropriate utility and clinical outcomes within the private practice urology community. Programs will feature an expert certified XTANDI physician speaker and may take place as an:

  •  In-practice early morning breakfast or lunchtime event
  •  Off-site formal dinner event in a local restaurant

The goal is to have no fewer than five attendees (M.D.s, administrators and/or other clinicians) participate in each event. UroGPO and Astellas field personnel are responsible for inviting participants and alerting members of your practice, as well for as organizing the venue, the physician speaker and other items related to the event.

We look to you for guidance on how we might set this up before March 31, 2017.

To bring one of these educational programs to your practice, please contact Christy Javers at