UroGPO remains committed to being 100 percent focused on urology. As the urology landscape evolves, UroGPO has continued to deliver the resources and support that drive the clinical, operational and financial success of urology practices. UroGPO has been with you as we opened dispensaries, built dedicated advanced prostate cancer programs, refined group culture and mapped and tracked treatment pathways. We will continue to build on these successes, leverage network resources and achieve great things for your group and your patients.

UroGPO’s fall 2017 national meeting focused on the above themes, as now, more than ever, there are market distractions. Know your GPO by the value it brings and the people who deliver it. Our network’s collective attitude and approach will drive the next phases of long-term value, and we invited Major Dan Rooney and Ryan Holliday to set this tone for our gathering. Major Rooney’s incredible experience-based revelations and Ryan’s more academic approach to life challenges came to strikingly similar conclusions. Their complementary messages of positive outcomes through humility, context and focus provided participants insights for their practices and their lives.

I’m proud of the great work that the UroGPO network and the UroGPO team have collectively accomplished and look forward to many more wins on behalf of urology. Thank you for a fantastic 2017 fall meeting.

David Coury, CEO