The UroGPO team recently attended an APC Champs program at Arkansas Urology in Little Rock, Arkansas. While already a well-oiled machine, the Arkansas team brought opportunities for improvement to the table and sparked some great conversations. Scot Davis’ leadership and vision is evident, and we congratulate the group members on their APC success, as well as the recent completion of their 12,500-square-foot surgery center. And that brings us to our member profile of the month.

Scot Davis – CEO Arkansas Urology

Scot Davis joined Arkansas Urology as CEO in May 2013. With more than 20 years in physician practice management serving in a variety of executive roles, he has developed an expertise in physician recruitment, joint-venture arrangements, compensation modeling and operational efficiency.

Scot is not just focusing on next week, next month or even next year. Instead, he continues to lay a strategic path for sustained long-term success. He highlighted the group’s Strategic Retreat as a venue for creating this collective vision and focus for the group.

For example, its Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic was borne from a commitment made at the Strategic Retreat of 2015. He encourages an open mind for considering strategic projects and is motivated to avoid stagnation. To identify future initiatives, Scot advises, “Look at all opportunities, learn what to quickly pass on, make a decision (once, not five times) and execute the plan.”

Scot says he takes the MBS approach to managing — Management By Scot.

  • Hire really good people.
  • Tell them what you want.
  • Get out of their way.
  • Reward and recognize.

This approach has had a tangible impact on morale, camaraderie and productivity at the practice.

As part of UroGPO’s Men’s Health Initiatives, UroGPO will be tapping into Scot’s experience and expertise. He says the term “men’s health” can be myopically interpreted as relating solely to urology-related conditions. Instead, his vision for what great can look like involves holistic integration of other specialists, with the urology practice serving as quarterback. Similar to other initiatives, Scot called out the need for Men’s Health pathways that lead to more comprehensive care, as well as collaboration with other like-minded urology practices to achieve a sustainable and consistent treatment plan for men.

We thank Scot for sharing his words of wisdom and congratulate him and his team on their success. As part of our commitment to maintaining a strong UroGPO community and fostering open dialogue, we will continue to bring you member profiles. Knowing more about your urology colleagues will allow you to network, communicate and bring best practices home to your groups.

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