We are already hard at work planning for the 2018 UroGPO annual meeting. Those who have participated in previous meetings have seen the team’s dedication to making them engaging and impactful.

We are bringing our June 2018 annual meeting home to Cleveland, Ohio. On our home turf, we will enhance our event format to provide specialized content via dedicated meeting tracks, in addition to our successful general sessions. This will allow us to host more UroGPO members from different areas of expertise and interest. In addition to a GU cancers track, we’ll focus time and resources on clinical areas such as OAB, BPH and men’s health, and functional areas such as nurse navigation and practice administration.

Furthermore, we are excited to bring more education and expertise from outside the urology space. We’ve had superb reviews of how these guests offer unique perspectives that can be translated into your practices.

We have some ramp up time to plan, and we want to hear from you about which topics, presenters, or formats you’d find educational. Please reach out to one of our team members to share your thoughts.

Despite the December cold setting in on Cleveland, I eagerly look ahead to seeing you in sunny Cleveland in June.

David Coury, CEO