UroGPO recently convened its biannual Medical Consultant Forum in Chicago to identify specific initiatives for UroGPO to undertake for the betterment of the network and the patients you serve. This meeting tackled M0 and M1 CRPC Continuum of Care and how practices will be able to do more for patients with CRPC in 2018 as new therapies come to market. Yet, challenges exist, such as the need for adherence to regular PSA monitoring, adapting intrapractice referral triggers to the APC and managing increased patient volume in the APC.

The panel emphasized a need for expanded CRPC guidelines that are inclusive of M0 & M1 disease so that APC staff can map a patient’s treatment journey throughout disease evolution. With the insights gathered, UroGPO will continue to build out the educational programming and resources to help your APC succeed in 2018 and beyond. Specifically, the 2018 APC Champs (1.0, 2.0 and 3.0) programs will integrate M0 operational topics as an important component. The Medical Consultant Forum will reconvene in early 2018 to further solidify UroGPO’s APC guidelines.