We are proud to announce a significant milestone for our membership. In early 2015, one of the nation’s largest Prescription Benefit Managers (PBMs) announced a restriction on access to its network for physicians who dispensed oral medications to their patients. We collectively knew that this was not in the best interests of patient care. Nearly 100 UroGPO member practices have put in the hard work to bring medications to their patients in an environment and with staff that patients know and prefer. In collaboration with you, UroGPO partnered with Community Oncology Alliance to correct the situation for better patient access and care.

On July 1, 2017, CVS Caremark began allowing dispensing physicians to apply to once again be in its network. Since then, nearly 40 UroGPO members have submitted applications and provided credentialing material, policies and procedures, and have patiently waited. We are happy to announce that The Conrad Pearson Clinic, in Memphis, Tennessee, was recently approved for access to the CVS/Caremark network. We’ll be hearing more positive news like this over the course of the year. I want to recognize the hard work that our dispensing team has done on behalf of our membership. John Lengauer, Bob Traffis and Shannon Owens have shown tenacity, expertise and dedication toward this project in an effort to allow your patients to choose to obtain their prescriptions from their physician.

No company or challenge is too big when you do the right thing.

David J Coury, CEO