At the April membership meeting in Washington, D.C., UroGPO launched our supply chain management solution, with a core focus in 2016 on continuing to improve practice viability.

The program highlighted a variety of new active contracts as well as additional pipeline contracts that will be ready in the coming months. A highlight from these new contracts is the number of partners that are dedicating resources to help operationalize and optimize their contract within your practice. Examples include McKesson with your medical surgical spend, PNC with your credit card purchases and Vantage Point Logistics with management of your inbound freight costs, just to name a few.


The UroGPO Supply Chain Solution is tailored to your individual practice needs. Whether you have a highly regulated program with purchasing controls, or you are purchasing as needed and at the requestor’s discretion, we are confident we can add value with our no-cost program. We will help create a job description for a procurement manager and talk that person through the basics of managing a smart purchasing system. We believe that the key factor in this process begins with the buy-in and commitment of the administrative team at your practice. In some cases, you have to make tough decisions on product selection, but in the end, the practice will be happy with the operational impact and savings provided by this program.

At UroGPO, we will continue to support your practice through future contract acquisitions and program maturation. As always, we welcome the opportunity to continue working with your procurement managers to ensure your program stays on track.