Dear UroGPO Members and Industry Partners:

At our inception, we established a urology-centric focused mission, vision and values.

Our unwavering commitment to urology has allowed us to excel at meeting the needs of our member and group practices. We are excited to announce that we have achieved a significant milestone that will allow us to expand our resources and deepen our urology impact for years to come.

I am pleased to announce that UroGPO has successfully recapitalized our company by bringing on a new partner, Nautic Partners. Nautic Partners is a middle-market private equity firm focused on only three foundational areas, one of the largest comprising the health care sector. Nautic recognized a potential for further value creation by investing in and supporting growth across and within the UroGPO network, services and industry partners.

Our new partnership with Nautic brings a breadth and depth of health care experience to the UroGPO platform, allowing us to expand our capabilities to serve our members and industry partners. Moving forward, we will collaboratively invest resources and time to dive even deeper into assisting our members and industry partners make urology practices stronger and better poised for future changes in healthcare.

With a dedicated core team, UroGPO has accomplished a great deal. Our team and core member groups have put in countless hours, days and weekends to support the work you do for Uuology patients. With our new partnership, you will still see the same UroGPO friendly faces – but with more support and broader impact. The entire staff at UroGPO has committed to fulfilling our vision of being the strongest, most impactful company in community-based urology. UroGPO’s head count will expand internally and in the field to enhance our support of your groups, physician champions and front-line staff members.

We are proud of our UroGPO culture and feel that it has set us apart from other organizations. I remain 100 percent committed to maintaining our culture and bringing on team members who are passionate about doig what is right for the practice and the patient.

Clinical, operational and financial efficiency has never been more crucial to practice success. UroGPO’s expanding footprint will support this efficiency in the disease states that are important to your practices and patients: prostate cancer, bladder cancer, renal cancer, upper track urothelial carcinoma, Peyronie’s disease, OAB, BPH, Nocturia and more. UroGPO will continue to bolster technology and digital infrastructure. Our internal data system, uTrack, will evolve from a passive to an active system that pushes insightful information to practice leadership. Groups will be able to use this data to maximize clinical coordination and rebate maximization. Practices can only be successful if they have the knowledge and data to effect meaningful change. The ongoing changes in the health care landscape necessitate this knowledge, and UroGPO will be a part of that solution.

I am extremely grateful for the trust that you have shown UroGPO since our launch in 2013. We are so proud of the success we have seen in your practices and are glad to have played our part via unmatched contract offerings, in-office dispensing support, Champs-based programs and unparalleled live meetings. Our membership now stands at more than 500 practices, most of whom we know by name and have been a tremendous help in the growth and success we had to date! We are contracted on more than 235 products! The support of both the urology specialty and the industry partners has been flattering. Thank you!

Monday morning will be a normal day for us here at UroGPO. We have an incredible plan for 2018 that we are rolling out already. We are DOUBLING DOWN on urology. As always, we want to learn more about the resources you need to continue to remain great. We look forward to all the impactful things that 2018 and beyond will bring. Let’s continue this journey together and expand upon the great success we have already witnessed through collaboration, hard work and a dedicated focus to excellence.


David Coury, CEO