UroGPO’s established network allows manufacturers to leverage marketing services to access and impact the segment of the Urology most responsible for advanced therapeutic and oncolytic product adoption and growth.  Furthermore, its customer and market insight capabilities can inform strategic approaches to Urology business planning, customized messaging and appropriate resource allocation.  UroGPO is committed to developing partnerships that generate custom solutions that meet manufacturer and Brand needs.

The opportunities listed below are designed as key, value-added service offerings to our membership as well as our manufacturer and distributor partners.

Conference Sponsorship and Attendance

UroGPO conferences consist of two (2) National Urology Conferences per calendar year and are designed specifically to allow the maximum business and manufacturer interaction to take place. Exhibitor packages include Headline, Platinum, Gold, or Silver packages which are customized to specific vendor need. The variance in exhibitor level affords exhibitors the opportunity to engage with providers while meeting their company objectives, goals, and budget. In conjunction with the tiered exhibitor packages, UroGPO offers a variety of advertising opportunities for exhibitors to participate in throughout the conference.

Customer and Market Insight Opportunities

UroGPO provides opportunities throughout the calendar year to sponsor forums and meetings with healthcare professionals, Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) and others to gather real insight, elicit feedback, and provide interactive Q&A. Opportunities include:

  • Advisory Board
  • Medical Consultant Forum
  • UroCore Meeting
  • Virtual Consultant Forum

Clinical Education – Peer to Peer Opportunities

UroGPO has developed a series of educational programs for its members that offer clinical depth, as well as practical, operational, and financial information to keep the membership informed and ahead of the curve. Opportunities for industry and other urology partners include participation in the following meetings and programs:

  • Advanced Prostate Cancer Champion Programs
  • Overactive Bladder (OAB) Champion Programs
  • In-Practice Programs
  • Patient Navigator and Operational Champion Meeting
  • Surgical Training Programs
  • UroGPO Webinar Series

Marketing and Communication – Education and Awareness Opportunities

To increase Urologists’ awareness of products and services, UroGPO offers a variety of marketing and communication solutions to access the UroGPO membership.  Increasing unaided awareness of new product offerings can assist in the referral process to begin to foster further multi-disciplinary coordination of patient care. Marketing and communication opportunities include:

  • UroGPO Website Advertising
  • UroGPO Newsletter Advertising
  • UroGPO eBlast Communication

To learn more about UroGPO’s Industry Partner Offerings, please contact our team at membership@urogpo.us.com.