Q: Does UroGPO membership require an exclusive agreement?
A: There is no exclusive agreement to become and remain a UroGPO member.

Q: What does it take to become a member?
A: Member practices need to apply and sign the membership agreement. The one-page application portion of the membership agreement provides some high-level details of what your practice footprint looks like. The membership agreement consists of a standard BAA as well as two pages of membership terms and conditions.

Q: As a member, am I required to buy through UroGPO contracts?
A: Members are highly encouraged to utilize the UroGPO established contracts. The success of each contract depends on the participation of our member practices. The essence of UroGPO is that the increase in overall volume benefits the entire consortium and each member individually. However, members are not required to purchase any product through a UroGPO contract, nor are they required to meet a minimum level of purchases to maintain membership.

Q: In addition to group purchasing agreements, what other functions does UroGPO support?
A: Private Urology practices are perpetually required to stay abreast of upcoming challenges and emerging opportunities to keep their practices viable. To that end, UroGPO has stressed initiatives to add ancillary income streams to the practice as well as develop tools and guidelines that increase operational efficiencies.