Protecting the independence of your private urology practice is increasingly critical in today’s uncertain, ever-changing health care environment. As the first and only urology-specific Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) in the country, UroGPO is committed to helping urology groups remain independent by providing them with valuable services, information and resources in all areas of urology. The result is an improved ability to stay connected with your patients longer while gaining the support and efficiency you need to deliver the best possible care.

A best-practices approach to urology

UroGPO is a urology-centric organization, meaning we take a best-practices approach to the care of urology and urologic oncology patients. Through our exclusive focus on urology practices, we’re able to provide solutions that help practices across the country:

  • Streamline operational costs
  • Negotiate contracts to save money
  • Build stronger patient relationships
  • Connect with other top urology leaders

Best of all, all of these resources come at no cost to members. See FAQs for additional information about UroGPO.